Our Approach

To enable AWARENESS of cultural context and realities, we:

  • Explore the impact of culture on personal and organisational behaviour and performance
  • Identify typical risks and challenges
  • Define areas and opportunities for development

To define cultural PERSPECTIVE, position and values, we need to:

  • Recognise our cultural position
  • Identify and challenge our assumptions
  • Apply a model for intercultural effectiveness

To build KNOWLEDGE, insight and understanding, we work to:

  • Demystify cultural difference
  • Discover the hidden rules
  • Explore the drivers of individual and organisational behaviour

To develop intercultural CAPABILITY, capacity and performance, we work with you to:

  • Navigate and negotiate ambiguity
  • Leverage effective communication skills
  • Consolidate learning in a practical action plan

We follow this approach in all of our high-level consultancy and advisory services, and our focused professional development programs.

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