History, Vision & Mission

Our Vision
A world where people communicate and collaborate more effectively, for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our Mission

  • To enable our clients to be more effective in their work
  • To reduce fear, frustration and lack of understanding across cultures
  • To facilitate global engagement, communication and collaboration

Our History
BI service offerings have evolved to meet the needs of our clients. From humble beginnings in 1997, the company has grown to be the leading provider of global capability and workforce development solutions to the Federal Government, multilateral institutions and leading multinational companies operating across the Asian region. The company began from a passion – to enable more effective intercultural mobility and collaboration. Our initial offerings were focused on the provision of intercultural and pre-departure learning and development solutions. We provided pre-departure and re-entry cross-cultural training for the Australian Youth Ambassadors Program; the delivery of training at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific; and relocation briefings for corporate executives.

Due to the rapidity of globalisation, increasing mobility of capital, and the dynamism of emerging economies in Asia, the global business and organisational context in which we operate has changed. Businesses are increasingly global, regardless of their location or scale, and inbound and outbound investment flows are linked in new ways. Government and multilateral institutions are required to provide services in highly diverse and dynamic global contexts, and culturally diverse stakeholder environments. As the BI team grew and our clients recognised the strategic imperatives to make global workforces ‘work’, BI expanded our client services to provide more strategic advice and capability building services.

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