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Consulting & Advisory Services

Beasley Intercultural assist our clients to navigate the challenges associated with globalisation, greater intercultural connectivity and global mobility.  We also assist them leverage associated opportunities.  In recent years we have presented industry keynote presentations on the changing global business context and the need to engage with the emerging economies of Asia to clients including: the Australia Curriculum Board, ANZ Finance Group, Honeywell, QBE, and Baker Tilly International (Asia-Pacific Leaders Forum).  We have provided strategic advice to the Heads of Delegation Asia-Pacific for the International Committee for the Red Cross, and the CEO and Leadership Teams of three ASX-listed companies.

With increasing global connectivity, it is common for international businesses to struggle with the tensions between the need for global or regional consistency and control, and the concurrent demand for localisation and adaptation to achieve results in specific and distinct markets.  The BI team are specialists in consulting on issues arising from this tension.  While it is important to adapt and adjust to local market needs and practices, it is equally important to maintain a clear focus on the distinct values and practices associated with core business identity.  We assist leaders, teams, and organisations to negotiate and navigate such issues, and to focus on alignment around values, to create and build a shared and coherent industry across the organisation.

Resulting from the changing broader business context, significant transitions have occured in workforce design.  Teams are often globally distributed, and businesses and organisations are required to better align and leverage talent, regardless of geography.  Typical challenges include: enabling effective communication and collaboration, creating a shared sense of direction, maintaining focus and productivity in matrix reporting structures, and delivering results to dispersed stakeholders.  We partner with our clients to develop positive strategies for engagement, collaboration and results in global, virtual, and culturally diverse contexts.  We deliver capability building, learning and development, and executive coaching services focused on the four key areas of: global collaborative partnerships, cultural intelligence, enhanced mobility, and personal effectiveness.
Examples from the past year include:
  • Our ‘Intercultural Effectiveness’ one day Foundation Program has been made a core learning for all members of a large internationally engaged government department
  • Our ‘Chinese Client Relationship Management’ program has been very successful in assisting Australian companies leverage, and better manage, the cultural complexities of working with Chinese   clients.
  • We have delivered coaching services for the MD/CEO level of large multinational companies focused on Asia strategy and leadership effectiveness in the region.
  • We have provided strategic advice, coaching and capability development for senior executives involved with Japanese, Chinese and Thai negotiations for associated M&A, JV, and    intergovernmental approvals
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