Marisa Chuawiwat

Marisa Chuawiwat has lived between Western and Thai cultures her entire life. With a Thai father and a Western mother she spent the bulk of her childhood and teenage years living in Australia. Marisa currently resides in Thailand. Upon completing her studies in Sydney Australia, Marisa decided to make Thailand her permanent home. She embarked in a career in marketing as a product manager for Triumph International. Marisa quickly went on to work in the advertising and marketing fields in large multi-national companies for over 15 years. During these years Marisa gained valuable professional experience, as well as balancing working with Western and Thai values. Marisa’s main focus is now management consulting and facilitation specialising in intercultural issues. She also assists client organizations to operate effectively in new and diverse cultural environments.

Her strong communication background, presentation skills and marketing experience, coupled with personal cross-cultural experience with expatriates makes Marisa a highly sought after facilitator and consultant.

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