Gladys Roach

Gladys Roach is an India and intercultural transition specialist with a strong commitment to enhancing the experience of Indians in Australia and Australians in India. Successful transitions between cultures result in increased productivity and enhance the executive’s capacity to deal with the local business environment. If the placement or relocation is negative, it can create a range of problems that can be disruptive and costly to the organisation. The training, coaching and mediation interventions Gladys makes ensure expats and inpats can ‘hit the ground running’ and maximise workplace efficacy. Gladys has qualifications including a BA in History, Political Science and Psychology of Education from the University of Bombay, a Certificate in Family Mediation and a Graduate Diploma in Community Education. With over twenty years coaching, training and consultancy experience, clients Gladys has assisted include: ANZ, BP Solar, Mercer, MMG Group, Optus, and Telstra.

Services provided include:

  • Participation in the selection process to assess the likelihood of the candidate and family adapting successfully to the new environment
  • Briefing sessions for managers and staff in the host organisation to which the individual is being located
  • Orientation programs for those arriving in a new location
  • Providing information and counselling on the many practical questions and uncertainties that concern them
  • Accompanying the executive and/or family on a familiarisation visit or at the start of the assignment to address initial needs enabling the relocation to commence positively
  • Arranging assistance in the new location both at the start and on request, at anytime during the assignment (including help interviewing domestic staff)
  • Providing support to the family concerning issues they are leaving behind.

Gladys is also a renowned Indian food specialist, and one of the pioneers in introducing Indian culture to Australians. She has featured in television interviews, written for Vogue Entertaining and published two books on Indian cooking for Australians. Gladys is the wife of Australia’s most prominent Indian expatriate and businessman Neville Roach, who is Chairman Emeritus of the Australia India Business Council and recipient of the Order of Australia.

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