Cecilia Fan

Ms Cecilia Fan is an accomplished cross-cultural Consultant and Trainer with significant business experience and expertise in Chinese and Western collaboration. Cecilia has high level communication skills, practical business experience and consulting abilities. Cecilia’s has worked for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade managing the Australian government’s Trade office (Austrade) in Jiangsu, and as a consultant and trainer. Recently she has consulted on the establishment of a US$10m security ink joint venture in Beijing for the world’s largest privately owned ink company (SICPA SA) which put ink on Chinese banknotes, advising Rockwell Automation of their China sales of industrial automation equipment and advising Lexmark on their China distribution network. She has also delivered training for Maersk, Nokia and Motorola in China.

Ms. Fan holds an MBA from Mt. Eliza / University of Queensland and a B.A. from the Beijing Broadcasting Institute. Cecilia writes her own column in the “Australia-China Connections” Magazine, covering business philosophy and culture in China. Having lived in Northern, Eastern and Southern China, she has established an extensive network of government and business contacts which are used for providing effective and efficient solutions for clients. Cecilia speaks fluent English and Mandarin.

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