Media coverage of events in Thailand

Interesting watching how the media is portraying the current events in Thailand.  A complex political situation, dichotemised into red and yellow, pro and anti…the complexity of cultural, historical and political context not able to be portrayed in short sound grabs.  Fascinating also to see how twitter is keeping us more effectively informed of the latest than national newspapers.  I attended the ANU ‘Thailand on the Verge’ seminar at the ANU last week.  Podcast here The bloggers of New Mandala have been receiving complaints for their reporting of issues relating the monarchy.  We work with many different clients and groups relating to Thailand so will not comment.  Peter Warr’s presentation on the global economic realities and their impact on the political context of the Thaksin era, and of the Abhisit one is an interesting angle.  It was sad to hear a Thai student sharing his experience of being Facebook blocked by people who were once ‘friends’ as a result of his reluctance to strongly side with either red or yellow, and to ask questions of both.  The ability to question and to be questioned is so very important, and even more so in societies in transition.


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