Holiday Reading

We love catching up over the break with some great reading – following is a look at some of our current favourites.


‘White Tiger’ by Aravind Adiga

Uppinder and Tom have both recommended this book as their current favourite. It’s written in the form of a series of letters and gives great insights into the power of the Indian bureaucracy and the struggles of the common man.


Sharks Fin & Sichuan Pepper: A sweet and sour memoir of eating in China, by Fuschia Dunlop

An English woman’s tale of eating in China. In Tom’s words “She eats everything, it’s incredible”.  Fuschia went to China in the mid 90’s and trained as a Sichuan chef and now writes for The Guardian.  An easy read – part travel book, part memoir.


Curry: a biography, by Lizzie Collingham

An accessible and original book about the development of India’s most loved dish.  It traces the development of the curry through the influence of the Portugese, the export of curry to the UK, and reinterpretation of English curry back into India.


Last minute Christmas gifts

Support Oxfam in their ‘Save the world from unwanted gifts’ campaign and support a good cause.


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