BI Activities



It’s been a busy few months for the BI team, some of our activities include


-Assisting the Australian Olympic Committee, Team and Section Managers and Australian Swim Team with cross-cultural issues prior to the Beijing Olympics;


-Consulting with numerous corporate clients focusing on cross-cultural leadership and management;


-Delivering training programs for Federal Government Departments on effective cross-cultural service delivery;


-Presenting at the Ernst and Young Global Mobility Series in Sydney and Melbourne, and at the ‘Engaging with Asia’ Asia Education Foundation conference in Adelaide;


-Delivering cross-cultural ‘Train-the-Trainer’ programs for trainers in Sydney and London prior to working in Asia; and


-Participating in the 2020 summit


We were delighted to have an in-house India update for our team delivered by Kama Maclean. Kama is a Lecturer in South Asian and World History in the School of History at the University of New South Wales. Her insights on India were invaluable.


Tamerlaine has also been appointed to the NSW Asian Business Advisory Council.

Photo: Vlado

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Beasley Intercultural is a consulting and training company focused on enabling success in globally connected and culturally diverse workplaces.

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