BI Update

Public Programs Coming Soon!


Beasley Intercultural are excited to announce we will be launching our first ever public programs in April this year.  In the past our programs have only been delivered in-house to our clients.  The one day programs initially offered are:

–    Intercultural Essentials:  India

–    Intercultural Essentials:  China

–    Intercultural Essentials:  Virtual and Global Teams

If you would like to be mailed details of these programs, please email.

Other Opportunities

1.  Churchill Fellowships

A Churchill Fellowship is an award of an opportunity through the provision of financial support, to enable Australian citizens from all walks of life to travel overseas to undertake an analysis, study or investigation of a project or an issue that cannot be readily undertaken in Australia. Currently the average fellowship is $25,000.  Applicants must be able to complete a minimum of four weeks overseas travel to complete their research.

2.  Australia Thailand Institute Grants

Through a competitive selection process, the Australia-Thailand Institute provides financial support to selected projects which aim to build community links between Australia and Thailand, particularly with regard to: public policy (including legal issues and education), health and science, culture and the arts.

The Executive Committee of the Australia-Thailand Institute is now calling for funding applications. Project proposals that focus on building links among youth and that have or are likely to have partner funding from other sources will be favourably considered.

About Tamerlaine Beasley
Beasley Intercultural is a consulting and training company focused on enabling success in globally connected and culturally diverse workplaces.

One Response to BI Update

  1. Gavin Brown says:

    Just had a quick read through Beasley intercultural updates. Always great to catch up on all of the good work you do.

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