Staying Connected and on the Move – Tools of the Trade


How to stay connected and travel between locations with the minimum of

hassle is an essential aspect of working globally. Reliable email and phone

access and the ability to access the files you need when you need them are

just the beginning.


APEC Business Travel Card

As well as access to fast track diplomatic/APEC or air crew channels at selected airports, the APEC card allows accredited business people to obtain multiple short-term business visitor entry to participating economies of: Australia, Brunei, Darussalam, Chile, Hong Kong (China), Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, People’s Republic of China, The Philippines, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Thailand and Vietnam. Be warned, the application process can take months, but is well worth it.


Access and security of data on the road

Being connected to a physical office space where all files are stored is becoming less of an issue for many global workers. We use a citrix system which means that all of our computers are empty and our software and

desktop and files are ‘located’ on the internet and a remote server. The biggest challenge is remembering the 3 layers of passwords to get in. From a data security and risk management perspective, we suggest that traveling with all of your key files in a thumb drive is a high risk approach and best avoided. Thumb drives are simply too easy to lose.


The Essential Travel Connectivity Kit

Our travel kit includes: PDA with global roaming enabled, a laptop with wi-fi capability, connecting cable, USB hub, universal adaptor, cable for USB to mini USB, thumb drive for file transfers, wi-fi card (check for network coverage and global roaming capabilities before you sign up). We also recommend a Skype account for phone calls and or vision to home and family while on the road.


Happy travels!


Photo: Maple

About Tamerlaine Beasley
Beasley Intercultural is a consulting and training company focused on enabling success in globally connected and culturally diverse workplaces.

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